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Minimum hardware requirements:

  • Processor 500 MHz
  • Windows XP SP3/Vista/7
  • 256 MB RAM
Simple lessons and exercises
Designed for readers of all ages
I am convinced that everyone wants to read faster. 4mind SPEED READING is designed to help you regardless of whether you are a student, manager, or you want to achieve another difficult goal. Mastering the techniques of speed reading will help you to efficiently acquire knowledge in the self-improvement and business purposes. What is important – you will not lose the pleasure of reading! The same techniques can be successfully used for reading your favorite novels.
Recommended by scientific authorities
Polish edition of 4mind SPEED READING won the "Best educational software of the year" title in CHIP Magazine. 4mind SPEED READING software was delivered to more than 150 thousand people.
Take advantage of your potential
Our research shows that the average reading speed is between 180 to 220 words per minute. With the right training, each person is able to read 2 to 5 times faster. But be aware that speed reading is not a set of magical spells. Speed reading is a difficult, but interesting training, which will bring you much satisfaction.
Check out the reading habits
Decrease Eye Fixations
When we learned to read we were told to read the letters submitted, so that in our mind, the word appeared. Then the advice was to read whole words. One of the main objectives of speed reading is to go a step further - 4mind SPEED READING will teach you to read groups of words instead of single words.
Get rid of subvocalization
The vast majority of people speak in their minds what they read. This process is called subvocalization. 4mind SPEED READING will teach how to eliminate this habit in order to read faster.
Limit regression
Regression means frequent stoppages and returns to the sentences read previously. When you read faster your mind is able to better concentrate on the text.
Step by step go through the lessons
Check your current capabilities
The course begins with a test of speed reading and comprehension. Thanks to regular evaluations you will be able to monitor the progress being made.
Explore the tools with which you have
PRESENTER is one of the most important modules of 4mind SPEED READING. It allows you to comfortably read any texts - books, articles, websites and any text copied to the clipboard. We can set both the pattern and the SPEED of the text projection for ourselves. The program has been designed to force the reading process to be in accordance with all the assumptions of speed reading technics.
Read, exercise, watch your habits
Besides the lessons - you will find training modules focused on specific skills. We have here a "Memory training", "Gymnastics of the eye," "Field of vision" and "Drill". Each training module contains a carefully chosen set of exercises that will allow you to successfully practice the things that make you the most difficulty.
Use of knowledge gained through life!
Realistic, achievable goals
We can NOT promise you that in 10 days you will read 10 times faster. However we CAN guarantee that you will learn effective techniques of reading that will serve you until the end of life.
15 minutes exercise per day
Try to move at a rate of 2 or 3 lessons a week. However - try to practice every day, use the additional modules (Memory training, Field of vision, etc.).
What does 4mind SPEED READING look like?
What exactly do I buy?
New box (or e-mail license) with the 4mind SPEED READING software, namely:
  • Computer based speed reading course with scientific recommendations
  • Evaluations of your reading speed and comprehension in every lesson
  • 38 categories of exercises
  • 14 lessons
  • Graphs showing your progress
  • Virtual trainer
  • Support for multiple users
  • Ability to export and import of user accounts
  • Free updates (bug fixes)
  • Presenter Module, which immediately allows you to read 2, 5 or 10 times faster than usual